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PE Foam Supplier in China

Huizhou Kaisheng Industrial Co., Limited is a leading PE foam manufacturer in China. We are a professional rubber and plastics products supplier with an experience of more than a decade. We are located in Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China. As a sought-after PE foam supplier, we serve our customers locally and overseas. Our diligent workforce and diversification make us a prominent EVA foam supplier.

We are a specialist PE foam supplier. We offer a variety of products, including EVA foam, adhesive foam gasket, PVC or NBR foam, EVA/PE pipe support with iron shrink-ring, and air condition insulation material. PE foam is a lightweight, closed-cell, and a durable material. The foam-based material is often used for packaging agricultural and industrial goods because of its magnificent insulation attributes and vibration dampening. Our products provide high resistance against moisture and chemicals.

PE Foam manufacturer in China

Our industrial foam packaging comprises sheets, bundles, PE foam pouches, tubing, and die cuts. We thoroughly describe our products to our customers regarding our products so that they can make an informed decision. There are numerous benefits that PE foam provides to you. The advantages include Flexibility, Surface sensitivity, and resists mold. PE’s structure is made up of millions of tiny bubbles – all sealed off from one another. The bonding provides resistance to water, in addition to rigidity. PE is also resistant to petroleum products. As resilient stuff, PE returns to its original form after compression. Due to the mentioned attributes, every PE foam supplier likes us. To get the best products from the quality EVA foam supplier, you have no choice but for us.


Formed after heating of polymer compounds, we, as a foam manufacturer, are capable of offering PE foam that gets absorb additives to its chemical formula for altering its characteristics. Like other forms, it is provided in different densities for numerous applications by every PE foam supplier. Being a top-quality EVA foam supplier, we aim to supply our products to as many industries as possible. We serve various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, sports and leisure, home, construction, electronics, and others. Whether its EVA or PE, we aspire to be the top foam manufacturer in China.

Our various EVA foam products include EVA gyms mats, training gyms mats, school pool mats, and many other products. To know us as an EVA foam supplier and our top-notch products, kindly visit our ‘products’ tab. We care about the whole process from raw material to finished foam products on the market shelf. This is our company's soul to make a customer satisfied with products every time.

We have our criteria for Quality Assurance (QA) department as well. Each product has to pass our quality mechanism. As a responsible PE foam manufacturer, we ensure none of our items goes through with even a slightest of the defect. Through research and industrial experience, we are capable of producing products with the highest quality of standards. We are a capable PE foam manufacturer that can comfortably meet customers’ needs. To get the best PE foam manufacturer, you only have one option, i.e. Huizhou Kaisheng Industrial Co., Limited.