ESD Foam

ESD Foam also called Anti Static Foam, which is widely used as different ESD Protection packaging material requests, it including pink and black foams in colors, Antistatic foamconductive foamstatic dissipative foam in ESD foam resistance types, foam roll, foam sheets , foam blocks , foam inserts , foam padding, plank foam in foam shapes so on.

The Differences of 4 types ESD foams

ESD foam typesOrdinal Foam SizeFoam ShapeESD Foam typeOdor
ESD PE FoamSingle Thickness:0.5-7mmLaminated :100mmRoll/SheetPermanentlyNo Odor
ESD EVA FoamSingle Thickness:40mmLaminated :100mmSheet/Block/BoardPermanently—–
ESD EPE FoamSingle Thickness:50mmLaminated :100mmRoll/SheetAround 6 MonthsNo Odor
ESD PU foamSingle Thickness:40mmLaminated :100mmSheet/Block/BoardAround 6 Months——–
Below are the four types ESD foam (PE Foam, EVA Foam , EPE foam, PU foam )features and strong points,  more comparision about the black foam pink foam,red foam

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