Horse Stable Mat
February 21, 2019
Stable Wall Mat
February 21, 2019

Interlocking Stable Mat


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Special interlocking design with removable border
  • Durable closed cell EVA rubber composite
  • Anti-slip textured surface finishing
  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Anti-fatigue therapeutic cushioning


  • Easy to move, fit and install
  • High hygiene and shock absorbing
  • Save money on bedding
  • Save time on mucking out
  • Consistent support on legs and hooves
  • Excellent insulation and anti-slip properties
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free

Interlocking Horse Mats

Our stable interlocking horse mats are constructed with high density EVA foam and rubber composite.  It is made in special jigsaw interlocking design for easy installation. These mats come with removable border strips to form straight edges at corners. Protecting your horses and cows from bruise and injury, our mats provide constant comfort and anti-slip support for your horses and cows. Compared to rubber horse mats, our interlocking horse mats can be same tough and durable but easier to carry, fit and remove. Also our mats can help you save money on bedding and save time on mucking out. Offering a high hygiene and safe comfort, our mats lead to an increased productivity and yield.

Size100mmx100mmx24mm, 1820mmx1220mmx24mm, 1820mmx1220mmx34mm
ColorBlack, Gray and Green
MaterialClosed Cell EVA and Rubber Composite
Density180 ~ 200 kg/m³
HardnessShore C 65° ~ 75°
Pattern TypeAnti-slip Textured Surface Finishing
AccsessoryRemovable straight edge strip
Applicable Temperature-25°C ~ +60°C
Life ExpectancyAbove 10 Years


  • Stable Flooring
  • Cow bedding
  • Lorry flooring
  • Kennel Flooring
  • Horse box and trailer
  • Garages flooring
Packaging Information
Item DescriptionPacking Per Bundle
Gross Weight
Quantity For
20GP Container
Quantity For
40HQ Container
Interlocking Mat-100x100x2.4cm210.5100x100x5cm9002,400
Interlocking Mat-182x122x2.4cm220.0182x122x5cm4001,050
Interlocking Mat-182x122x3.4cm227.5182x122x7cm290780
Note2 pieces of mat are packed by plastic bags; More custom packaging is available.


  • Before installing, make preparation for tools including chalk, knife, tape measure and hammer etc..
  • Carefully measure your stall wall floor area and choose the right amount of stable mats.
  • Begin with the dooway piece or the corner with the most activity. Trim to fit and position mat in place.
  • Any necessary cuts can be easily achieved by using knife for final installation.

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