February 25, 2019
February 26, 2019


  • Main material: EVA foam
  • Size: customized
  • Surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Color:Black
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: long time.

Strong Points: Single layer thick up to 40mm, easy to process molding.



Anti Static / ESD EVA Foam

Anti-static EVA foam, also called ESD EVA foam, is closed-cell foam, which is made of EVA material and conductive carbon powder filler, it’s a molded foam. Anti-static EVA foam has excellent cushioning and flexibility, more important, EVA foam life is several times to dozens of times longer than the ESD plastic corrugated box. EVA foam can made in to all kinds EVA foam tray , which solve the problem of short lifetime of traditional plastic turnover pallet/Box and any scratches for the human body of electronics during using it.

Technical Specification

  1. Type: Conductive ESD EVA Foam.
  2. Material:EVA.
  3. Thickness: 1mm-40mm, can be produced according to customer’s requests.
  4. Surface Resistance:10^3-10^9 Ω.
  5. Temperature Resistance: -30 – 80℃.
  6. Color:Black.
  7. Certification:ROHS, SGS, ISO9001, etc.
  8. Ordinal size: 1.2m*2.4m, 1.4m*2.5m.
  9. MOQ:No MOQ.
  10. Product Keywords: ESD EVA foam , Anti static EVA foam, ESD EVA foam material,Anti static EVA foam tray material.


Anti Static EVA Foam Features:

  • Anti-static timeliness for permanent anti-static.
  • Good cushioning and damping performance.
  • Static index value 10^3-10^5 or 10^6-10^9Ω/SQ;
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion,organic solvents, acid, alkali, etc.
  • No chemical corrosion.
  • Heat insulation, sound insulation, wear-resistant, not easy to wear.
  • Good two times processing performance, easy to shape.
  • Resistance to pressure, good wear resistance



ESD EVA Foam Applications:

Based on the ESD EVA foam, we can make many different shapes as customer’s requests, such as carving ESD EVA Foam Box,ESD EVA Foam Insert, PP Box with ESD EVA Foam,  Conductive EVA Foam Insert,Die Cut Conductive EVA Foam Insert and so on, all widely used in different fields.

Anti Static EVA Foam can be made into different shapes foam packaging material as requests, and used in the LCD screen production line of Mobile or phones, 3G terminals, computers/especially notebook computers, Optics electronic components, PCB Board of workshop turnover of electronic products where easy to produce static charge.

1)Workshop foam turnover

Mobile phones, 3G terminals, computers/especially notebook computers, optical electronic components of the workshop turnover notebook computer assembly centralized turnover box, careful design, the notebook computer components are placed into each card slot made of foam cotton, centralized line assembly, improve work efficiency.

2)Workshop foam turnover of motherboard and PCB

ESD Eva foam turnover is used popularly, instead of traditional plastic turnover pallet/box, whose service life is short, and in the course of use it is easy to cut electronic components and hands.

3)Foam protection for LCD Panel Production assembly line

Display parts: Display Screen, all kinds LCD screen protect.

Control circuit: Control module, back light module, etc.

Anti-static Eva foam is not only good anti-static buffering effect, but also has a perfect compressing resistance, LCD screen display, such as assembly fixtures, protective pads preferred materials.

4)Screen protection in LCD industry

Display parts: LCD screen Display protection.

Control circuit: Control module, back light module, etc.

Foam Specifications:

NOItemCVP ValueDVP Value
2Foaming ratio8-68-6
3Density150-200 Kg/m3150-200 Kg/m3
4Cell structureClosed cellClosed cell
5Surface resistivity10^3—10^6 Ω/square10^6—10^9  Ω/square
6Volume resistivity10^3—10^6 Ω·cm10^6—10^9 Ω·cm
7Electrostatic Attenuating time<1.0S<.51.0S
8Abrasive Potential<100V<100V

Anti static eva foam block

Anti static EVA foam sheet material

Anti static EVA foam sheet










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