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February 21, 2019
February 26, 2019


      • Color:Black
      • Material: PE material
      • Size:Customized.
      • surface resistance:10^3-9
      • Cell structure: closed cell.
      • Anti static time: Long time.

      Strong Points:

      No smell, Eco-friendly.



Anti static/ESD PE foam

ESD PE foam is a type of Anti Static black closed cell polyethylene foam, it’s Eco-friendly , low density , electrostatic protective industrial packing foam. As foam surface resistance difference, it have Anti static PE foam and Conductive PE foam two types. both can be made into foam roll , foam sheets, foam inserts as different electric protective foam need.

It is a hi-tech ESD product which has excellent anti-static or conducive properties. It is an ideal packing material for opt electronic devices, electronics packaging, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, communications, military products etc.

Anti Static PE foam also called High density polyethylene foam because it’s density is harder in the black anti static packaging material. bu it’s harder enough to be the direct ray loading the electronic components.

ESD PE Foam features:

The anti static PE foam is a kind of new material we specially researched for the high-end electronics, which has the properties of permanently anti-static, well resistance to the climate and shock proof.it can be made into foam block, foam sheet, foam tray, foam as customers’ requirements.

  • Permanently anti-static type.
  • Friendly,environmentally, non-toxic, no odor.
  • Good performance, various shapes by die-cutting as requests.
  • Black color and pink color.

ESD foam types:

  • Conductive Foam: foam surface resistance range 10^3-10^6
  • Dissipative or Anti Static Foam: foam surface resistance range 10^6-10^9

Testing Foam surface resistance

ESD foam specifications:

ItemUnitData for CEPData for DEP
Surface resistivityΩ/square103—106106—109
Volume resistivityΩ.cm103—106106—109
Tensile strengthMPa>0.5>0.5
Tearing StrengthN/mm>1.2>1.2
Electrostatic Attenuating timeS<0.5<5.0
Abrasive PotentialV<100<100

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