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EVA Traction Pad


  • Diamond grooved anti-slip textured surface
  • Composed of closed cell EVA rubber foam material
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable structure
  • Easy-to-installation adhesive backing attached
  • Offered in various custom sizes and designs


  • Better grip on rear foot
  • Save the wax money
  • Perfect match for duck diving
  • Protection for tail of surfboard
  • Excellent comfort and cushion underfoot

EVA Surf Traction Pad

Our premium EVA surf traction pad is specially formulated for surfers which lead to more fun, fashion design and better performance. With unique design of diamond grooved and nonskid textured surface, they provide excellent grip and traction that helps surfers more focus on the enjoyment and performance of surfing. Made from flexible and resilient EVA rubber foam material, our traction pads offer incredible cushioning and comfort underfoot especially for long time surfing. Attached with tough 3M adhesive or PSA backing, you can easily install these pads on your surfboard in a quick time without assistance. Using KAISHENG surf traction pad, you will be easy to make any sharp turns especially duck dive and save money on surfboard wax. Also our EVA traction pads are available in multiple custom colors and sizes.


Size11.25″ x 11″ x 0.5”, 18” x 14” x 0.5”
ColorMulticolor according to custom design
MaterialClosed Cell EVA Rubber Foam
Density70 ~ 90 kg/m³
HardnessShore C 35° ~ 45°
Pattern TypeNon-skid diamond grooved surface
Applicable Temperature-25°C ~ +60°C
Life Expectancy4~ 6 Years
NoteSizes, color and design can be customized; 3M adhesive or PSA backing available
  • Clean up the tail of your surfboard and ensure all dirt, dust and wax removed from it.
  • Line up the traction pad before attaching to the surfboard and trace the outline onto your board with pen.
  • Simply peel off the adhesive backing of foam pads, line them up with the traced outline.
  • Press the pads onto your surfboard to make sure the traction pad and surfboard firmly attached.
  • Leave your surfboard resting for few hours before hitting the surf.
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