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February 19, 2019
EVA Foam Bath Mat
February 19, 2019

Kids Play Mat


  • Versatile kids educational and play mat
  • Brand-new puzzle design
  • High quality closed cell EVA foam
  • Non-slip surface finishing
  • Removable puzzle pieces


  • Easy to install and move
  • Fun and pleasure
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-fatigue relief
  • Kids safety protection
  • Soft, lightweight and portable

Kids Play Mats

These foam kids play mats are specially designed for kids play and education. It is made by closed cell EVA foam with interlocking construction which make it can be easily installed everywhere by you or your child. And  they can also provide safety protection for your children. They are offered in assorted colors, which makes them an excellent choice to keep kids entertained.  The puzzle pieces in  the mats can even be used to build creative shapes and figures. Another great feature is that each letter, number and animal can be removed from the mat for interactive learning.

Size30cm x 30cm x 10mm
MaterialClosed Cell EVA Foam
Density80 ~ 90 kg/m³
HardnessShore C 40° ~ 50°
Pattern TypeAlphabet, Number, Animal etc.
Applicable Temperature-25°C ~ +50°C
Life Expectancy2 ~ 5 Years
  • Kids Room
  • Indoor Playground
  • Amusement Park
Packaging Information
Item DescriptionPacking Per Pack
Gross Weight
Quantity For
20GP Container
Quantity For
40HQ Container
Number Style Mat100.8531x31x1.1cm23,00060,500
Mix Style Mat362.8061x31x1.9cm6,50017,500
Animal Style Mat90.7531x31x1.0m25,00066,500
Alphabet Style Mat261.7561x31x1.4cm9,00024,000
NoteMats are packed by shrink film with paper insert and more custom packaging solutions are available.
  • Ensure the floor surface is clean, smooth and dry as first step.
  • Choose the right amount of puzzle mats for the area you want to cover.
  • When interlocking the mats together, they must all face the same direction.
  • Connect the puzzle mats together by tapping the interlocking tabs in place.
  • For corners, the mats can be easily cut to fit for wall to wall installations. The detachable border strips can also help.
  • Do not glue puzzle mats to the floor.
  • Suggest keeping direct sun light off the mats as this can heat up the mats and cause expansion.
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